Garstin, E. J. Langford:

The Secret Fire. An Alchemical Study. The Secret Fire of the Alchemists has been described by them as “The All in All,” and, next to the solution of the Sophic Salt, it is said to be the greatest difficulty in the whole art. Without knowledge of the Fire nothing can be attained, even if the Matter be known. London, W.C.1, 6 Old Gloucester Street, The Search Publishing Company Ltd. 1932. With 8 illustrations in the text. 120 S. OLwd.

Duveen S.237. Pritchard 152. - First edition. With index and reproductions from old alchemical books. - Einband minimal fleckig, innen teilweise etwas stockfleckig.

Schlagworte: Alchemie / Hermetik

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