Paracelsus: Theophrastus Philippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim gen. Paracelsus:

The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Aureolus Phillippus Theophrastus Bombast of Hohemheim, called Paracelsus, The Great. Now for the first time faithfully and accurately translated into English. This present American, Oriental, Egyptian and Asiatic edition prepared for publication under the editorship of Dr. L. W. de Laurence. [...] Faithfully reproduced from the London Edition of 1894, which was edited, with a biographical preface, elucidatory notes, and a copious Hermetic vocabulary and accurate index by Arthur Edward Waite. Published in Two Volumes. [...] Chicago, Ill., U. S. A., de Laurence Scott & Co. 1910. 4°. Vol.I: Hermetic Chemistry. With frontispiece [port. of Paracelsus]. 1 Bl., XVI, 394 S. Vol.II: Hermetic medicine and Hermetic Philosophy. With frontispice [port. of Paracelsus]. 1 Bl., VIII, 396 S., 1 w. Bl. Rote OLeinwand-Bände.

First American edition. Gilbert B13b: „A pirated reprint was issued by the de Laurence Company of Chicago in 1910 but this has not seen. It is illustrated in the de Laurence catalogue of 1938 and appears to be similar to the first edition [London, James Elliott 1894] but with the addition of the totally false claim that it is edited by L. W. de Laurence. The binding is of dark red cloth boards lettered in a similar manner to the first edition but with the upper cover lettered across in gold: Edition de Luxe | Editorship of | Dr. L. W. de Laurence. de Laurence’s name appears below that of Waite on the spines and they also bear the imprint of de Laurence, Scott & Co.“. Imprints on the title and half-title with the labels: „The de Laurence Company, Chicago, Ill., U. S. A.“ - Pritchard 385, Duveen S.608, Caillet 8300, Sudhoff, Anhang [in Handschriften]. Nachträge zum I. Bande. Nr. 524 und 525 (S.806-809) and Bolton (2nd supplement) S.210 records only the edition London 1894 or later editions. - Einbände etwas gelockert, Innengelenke angeplatzt, Kanten gering berieben.

Schlagworte: Alchemie / Hermetik

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