Pagani, Paula:

The Cardinal Rites of Chaos by Paula Pagani. 1984. Northampton, England, published by Sut Anubis 1985. 4°. [304 x 215 mm]. With Illustrated title, and 5 full-page illustrations. 1 w. Bl., 25 unum. Bl., 1 w. Bl. printed single sided. Rote illustrierte OKartonage.

1st edition 1st May1985. This Edition Limited to 500 copies of which this is number 313. Contents: Background. The Spring Equinox. The Summer Solstice. The Autumn Equinox. The Winter Solstice. The whole interspersed with visual impressions of the rites. - Nur der Umschlag an den überstehenden Rändern gering geknickt, sonst gutes Exemplar.

Schlagworte: Magie / Chaosmagie

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