Chumbley, Andrew D.:

Qutub also called The Point written and illustrated by Andrew D. Chumbley. Alogos Dhu’l-qarnen. Chelmsford, Essex, published by Fulgur for Xoanon 21. June 1995. With 11 illustrations in the text. [6], 78, [4] S. Schwarzer OLeinwand-Band mit goldgeprägtem Rückentitel, schwarzer OUmschlag mit goldgeprägtem Rückentitel. Vorderer Deckel und vorderer Umschlag mit einem kleinen goldgeprägtem Punkt.

First edition. - Auf dem letzten Blatt mit handschriftlichem Sigill und Signatur des Autors in schwarzer Tinte. - „QUTUB defines the focus of the Magical Current. Its form reflects the Design; a web of interconnection through which the Current manifests; an evocatory poem of 72 verses articulates the transmutative process of the Crooked Path; 11 talismanic illustrations combine to express the telesmata of the Way; a commentary demonstrates in microcosm the macrocosmic pattern of the Design; the Rite of the Opposer reveals the Gateway to the Path of the flesh! There is a stream of initiatic power which flows through the Body of the Gnosis, moulding the Image of the Adept, casting the shadow-form of the Great Opposer - here its Path is traced ... from the Yatukih Sorcery of Ancient Persia, through the Yezidic Cult of Shaitan and the widdershins dance of the Sufi, to its presen-day recension within the arcana of the Sabbatic Tradition.“ (Cover-text). - Nur der Umschlag mit minimalen Gebrauchsspuren, sonst gutes Exemplar.

Schlagworte: Mystik / Magie / Sufismus / Dichtung

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