A Guide to Qabalistic Astrology. New York, Samuel Weiser Inc. 1977. [8], 37, [3] S. Farbig illustrierte OKartonage.

Contents: Preface. A Book the Student Must Read. The Qabalistic System of Astrological Planetary Rulerships, Octaves, Exaltations, etc, The Lights: An Exercise in the Qabalistic Method of Determining Astrological Correspondences. A Reconstitution of the Astrological Tree of Life. Pluto. Further Keys of Astrology. An Exposition of the Methods and Uses of the Astrological System given, employing the Natus of Aleister Crowley. Appendix: Bibliography-Suggested Reading. - Umschlag etwas berieben und gering fleckig.

Schlagworte: Astrologie / Kabbala

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